The Notebook Project - A complete sample for WebMatrix

At the Greek WebMatrix WebCamp I asked from the attendees to implement a simple notebook website. This website should be built using WebMatrix and SQL CE.

I also implemented the above “lab” with a few improvements and decided to publish it and share the source code with anyone who is interested in learning WebMatrix and ASP.NET Web Pages.

For those who can’t wait here is a demo of the app!

For those who can wait but don’t want to here is the source code!Username admin@admin.comPassword: adminThe credentials above are not valid for the live website.

So, what features does this sample app contains? How can it help a beginner?

Let’s take a closer look :

1. It is based on the StarterSite sample

Not much to explain here. Just used the StarterSite as base code!

2. It uses Layouts and Themes

Setting a look across the entire website, changing a theme and persisting a theme selection are some features available


PS: My favorite theme is Gray

3. Use of Facebook Helper

A user can create an account or use his/her account on Facebook to login!


4. Use of WebGrid

All sites have data so WebGrid is an important control of WebMatrix and ASP.NET Web Pages.


5. Use of Rich Text Editor

TinyMCE is used when the user is asked to insert rich text!


6. Use of Anti-Cross site scripting library

When a developer wants to allow users to insert rich text to the database and display that text also security is an important aspect. So the text is being sanitized using Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library.


7. Error Logging

Everybody makes mistakes. But it’s important to learn those mistakes and fix them. So this sample logs every error (except _AppStart.cshtml) so that the developer could fix them!


8. Sharing is Caring

A website should be social-aware! So sharing it’s data is important!


9. Roles

Every developer wants to feel a little higher than the users. So this sample contains the Admin Role that has special rights (and special needs!).

10. Many many more

Just download the code and see for your self!

Do you wanna try it? If you like it go to the About page and hit “Like” or leave a comment! The same goes if you have any improvements or corrections!


OK, I downloaded the sample… now what?

You can do these:

  1. Create a Facebook app and get an API Key
  2. Get a ReCaptcha API Key
  3. Fill the Mail Server details
  4. Start editing


That’s all for now! Hope you like it!


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