Using WebPages Helpers inside ASP.NET Webforms

Now a few helpers are available for usage with Razor Syntax and ASP.NET WebPages or ASP.NET MVC. But those helpers can be used also inside a Webforms application.

For example I find the Paypal helper extremely usefull. Let’s use it inside an ASP.NET Webforms App.

We are downloading the helper and adding it to our project in Visual Studio. I will use a C# Web Application Project.

The helper requires some initialization. If we were on WebPages we would do that at _AppStart.cshtml but now we are doing it at Global.asax inside Application_Start method.

PayPal.Profile.InitializeBMProfile("[API Username]", "[API Password]","[API Secret]", "sandbox");

Then we head back to our page and write the following code :

<p>    Here is a PayPal button.</p><p>    <% var btn = PayPal.AddToCartButton.Create(Business: YourBusinessEmailAccount,                                                ItemName: "An item name", Amount: "100.00");  %>    <a href='<%= btn.EmailLink %>'>        <%= btn.WebSiteCode %></a></p>

And this is what we get:


So simple.

Be careful. The code above is to demonstrate how to use a helper inside an ASP.NET Webform application.

It is a really bad example when it comes to PayPal API. The code above every time the page is loaded it creates an AddToCart button.So BE careful again!


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